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Welcome to Discosource Professional DJs. We have been established since 1998 and have developed a reputation for providing exceptional service with an excellent team of DJs. We specialise in the art of entertaining a crowd successfully and get it right every time. Our DJs are trained to understand and relate to the people at an event.

We are quick to observe the crowd’s response to the music being played and react swiftly to please everyone. We make great times happen and bring family and friends together. With Discosource, you will get dynamic and unforgettable entertainment and our aim is to make your event a total success.


1. Online Music/Event Planner We have our very own client login section where you can tell us more about you’re your event, let us know exactly what music you want and even create a time schedule. We’ll make sure the DJ has a copy on the night!

2. Large Music Range Enormous collection of music covering the top 100 of every single year from the 50s to Today, Club RnB & House Music – see attached list (you may also provide your own CDs)

3. MP3 Capabilities MP3 capabilities – you can bring your own music in MP3 format for the DJ to play.

4. Up to 5 Hours Up to 5 hours of music played to your request ? Plus additional hours if required!

5. Pro Sound System We use top brand names that sound great & won’t hurt your guest’s ears

6. Microphone for Speeches We have DJs that are trained to MC and microphones are provided for speeches

7. We take requests Our DJs are customer focused and taught to play clients & guests requests when asked ? Unless you choose for the DJ not to!

8. Clear Sound Projection Professional & sturdy (safe) K&M stands for our speakers, projecting the sound throughout the room evenly

9. Safe We practice safety awareness – Professional industry tape is used to secure down loose wires and ensure safety with equipment around guests

10. Intelligent Lighting Choice Sound activated intelligent lighting system (2 lights) creating a lively dancing atmosphere with optional extras (ask us for quick video sample)

11. Payments made easy We accept direct deposit, PayPal, and credit card payments including MasterCard and Visa

12. Complete Customer Service We pride ourselves on customer service! Expect superior customer service and care from our DJ hire consultants including personal phone call confirmation & consultation prior to event

13. Free-call 1800 Customer Support Line Call us anytime on our free call to discuss any requirements about your event’

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Hours Included

Additional Hours

Wedding & Music Planner Tools

Phone Consultataion

Face to Face Appointment with the DJ



DJ Mixer Console

2 Powered Speakers for up to 150 People

Wireless Microphone


x2 LED Spot Lights
(Sound Activated)




DJ Package




$750 AUD


DJ & Sound System

DJ Package




$1000 AUD



3000 ? per hour
$150 per hour




Add 2000 ?
Add $100 AUD



Add 5000 ?
Add $250 AUD

Add 1000 ?
Add $50 AUD



Pricing Table Plugin
* If you wish to select a specific DJ from the DJ profiles, you may have to pay the premium rate depending which DJ you choose


When do I get to use the Online Music/Event Planner?

As soon as we have received your booking form and deposit we will send you instructions to create your music planner account. If you don’t receive it then give us a call and we will set it up manually.

Do you carry all the songs that are on the music list?

95%. If there are specific songs you would like to make sure are there on the night, please let us know before hand or bring them yourself on CD or USB stick.

Are there more songs in your library than are on your list?

Yes. The list we have available for download is only 40 pages long however the full list is over 400 pages long, so therefore the list you will normally receive is only a sample of our actual music list. Our current music list is also available as a part of our online music planner so you can search the whole list there. If there are specific songs you want please be sure to let us know before your event.

What do I do with the music list?

In the past we would ask our clients to highlight our music list however now with our online music planner you can view and search our song list online . If you have not yet made a booking, please ask for a trial account and then you can log in and find our music search tool within the music planner on steps 4 and 5.

Can I bring along some of my own music collection on CD or USB drive?

Yes. In fact if you have any CDs from your own collection you are welcome to bring them along for the DJ to play (MP3 CDs/USB sticks are preferred). We must remind you however that it is your responsibility to collect them at the end of the event.

Will the DJ take requests on the night?

Your Discosource DJ will aim to make everyone happy and in doing so he will try to play all requests so long as they are not out of context with the current style of music being played. If a bizarre request(example. request for ‘Heavy Metal’ whilst the DJ is playing Top 40) is made the DJ will usually consult with the client before playing the song.

What about the songs I DON'T WANT played?

If there are particular songs that you don’t want your DJ to play you can make a list of genres and songs on our online music/event planner. There are some songs such as ‘Grease Megamix’ or  ‘The Nutbush’ that people either hate or love but until you let us know, we are in the dark, so keep us informed.


Do we need to provide anything for the DJ?

Yes. Please have a table ready for the DJ which is approximately 1 – 2 meters wide and waist height. Does the five hours in the general package include setup or is that five hours of music? The DJ will arrive half an hour to forty-five minutes prior to the start time (noted on the deposit sheet) and then play music for five hours.

Can I get more than the standard 5 hours?

Yes. If you would like extra hours at the event note how many hours you would like on the online booking form.

What if I don't know until the night of the event that I may want extra hours? Can I get extra hours on the night of the event?

Yes. If you would like extra hours on the night simply select a tick box on the online booking form that extra hours may be required and then let the DJ know at end of the event. If you do not notify us prior that extra hours may be required then it is up to the DJ.

How long will the DJ take to setup?

The DJ should take no longer than twenty minutes to setup all of the equipment after it has been loaded in.

Does the DJ have a microphone?

Yes. All our DJs carry a microphone with up to 5 meters length.

Can the DJ act as an MC for the event as well?

The DJ is able to make brief announcements but if you would like a professional MC you will have to speak to us before the event so that an MC can be arranged. If you require a full MC Service for your wedding the DJ will be $100 extra.

Does the smoke machine affect people with asthma?

No. The smoke machine is actually not smoke at all, it is a specially designed, odorless liquid vapor crafted to add effect to the lighting. This vapor is totally harmless to people who may suffer from asthma.

Do I get to meet the DJ before the night?

We are not a budget DJ service but in order to stay competitive we do not offer a consultation with the DJ before the night. We can however get the DJ to call you shortly after you make a booking or in the week of your event to discuss your music preferences, ultimately our online music planner has been created to remove any mis-communications that may happen between yourself and the DJ. If it is absolutely imperative for you to meet the DJ then let us know and for an extra charge we can arrange an appointment.


How do I make a booking?

Please read instructions in the first email received/quote and on the first page of this information.

When do I pay the DJ?

We collect payment on the Monday prior to your event. If paying by credit card we will take the deposit when it is received and the balance on the Monday prior to your event. If paying by EFT, please make your deposit by Tuesday or Wednesday in the week of your event or we cannot send a DJ.

What methods of payment can I use?

You can pay by PayPal, credit card or EFT.

How to make a booking?

To secure your date we require a $300 deposit, you may choose to pay by credit card or EFT.

Using the online booking form is the fastest and most efficient way to complete your booking. To access the online booking form please see the first email sent to you with instructions.

To confirm your booking please see first email sent to you and click the link to open the booking form.

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ABOUT Discosource DJs

Discosource DJs was founded by DJ Paul Anthony in 1997 at the ripe age of 16 years. With a childhood filled with learning instruments from piano to trumpet, bass and guitar, becoming a DJ was the next natural progression for his musical career. Since then, he has built a successful Australia wide DJ agency and still carries his passion forward to this day.