everything you need to know about plunge pools

introduction to plunge pools

About 300 words.

plunge pools vs regular pools

About 400 words.

talk about differeces between plunge pool and spa pool

smaller body of water
cheaper to buy & install
easy installation / sit onto concrete slab (at the most basic install)
smaller backyard
can be heated for use all year round
efficient heating
easier to maintain / clean

big body of water
more expensive to buy & install
messy installation / dig a big dirty hole then either crane in a fibreglass shell or spray concrete around a big dirt hole to create concrete pool
bigger backyard
solar heating doesn’t heat enough for year round / winter use
bigger body of water to sanitise / clean
many people, if they have the money, will buy a swimming pool with an integrated spa (ie. concrete pool with heated spa attached)

Compass swimming pool company also offers smaller swimming pools known as ‘plunge & courtyard pools’

plunge pool ideas

Be creative with this one, you ar trying to engage the reader with something fun.  WE could even put multiple photos on the left side of this paragraph to show different examples/ideas. Say something about what pople with a small back yard can do, talk about differnt styles/designs.

About 400 words.

plunge pool ideas210
plunge pool small backyard210
plunge pool design110
diy plunge pool320

concrete or fibreglass

I am not sure if I got this correct, you were telling me on the phone the differences, if you can talk more about that like you were telling me, as if you are advising a friend of the different options available.

About 400 words.

plunge pool costs

How much does a plunge pool cost and what price range should you expect?

About 400 words.

plunge pool cost720
plunge pool prices480


You had something about this in the brochure, don’t need to talk too much, remember this is a magazine-style page so this partt could have bigger writing and that really nice picture of the spa sizes.

About 200 words.


our plunge pool range availabe in australia

my waters edge

my waters edge, 4, 5, or 6, very simple spa – steps one end, swim jets other

About 400 – 600 words.

my workout

my workout, 4.5, 5, and 6, more of a massage plunge

About 400 – 600 words.

our plunge pool range availabe in australia

conclusion & call to action

my waters edge, 4, 5, or 6, very simple spa – steps one end, swim jets other

About 200 words

keyword research

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