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Everyone knows a good DJ when they see one but when it comes time to hire a DJ what things should you really consider? We have put together some less obvious? subtleties to keep in mind when you hire a DJ that will hopefully make choosing one a little easier.

Often people have a very 2D view on what skills make a DJ, looking at mixing ability as the only skill when if you look below the surface there are other important things. Bear in mind we are talking about DJs for special celebrations and not club DJs.


Music Selection

A good DJ has a wide knowledge of music from the 50s to today. Not only do they have a wide music knowledge they know how to blend from one style of music to another in order to keep the most people entertained at any given time. For example, at a wedding there will often be young and old people all in the same room, and generally speaking older people will not dance to the latest hits like young people will, yet young people will dance to classic hits and newer music. Therefore a good DJ will kick off the dance floor with some classic hits to get everyone on the floor. When the DJ finally comes to the newer music the young people will surely stick around and the older people may sit down or if they are having a good time will stay on the dance floor too.



While the music volume needs to be loud enough to create an atmosphere, when the music is too loud it can crush the atmosphere. People love dancing but they also need to be able to talk, and bear in mind older people who may be seated very close to the DJs speakers. DJs need to be sensitive to the volume of their music because when the volume is always too loud it can make you feel tense, and really make it hard to relax and enjoy the music.


Speaker Quality

Equipment quality is an extension of the volume element. As we mentioned already, louder doesn’t always equal better, and poor quality speakers can also bring down the atmosphere. We can assure you there is audible difference between cheap and expensive DJ speakers. No matter how good a DJ can be, poor speaker quality can be the bottle neck problem that holds a DJ down.



Simply knowing how to mix two songs together does not make you a professional DJ. Perhaps you know a friend who is a DJ or a friend of a friend and they are keen to do the job but you are not quite confident they will arrive on time and be dressed appropriately. This is why if you hire a DJ choosing an established DJ business will guarantee you this.


Mixing Skills

We did say that mixing skills are not the only thing to consider when you hire a DJ but that does mean it’s not important at all. When choosing to hire a DJ while it’s not necessarily important for your DJ to beat match songs together being able to blend them smoothly however is something of importance. A DJ should be able to blend two songs together so that people don’t really notice when one song finishes and the new one begins. This will ensure most people stay on the dance floor and don’t lose interest in-between songs, a vital time when people often leave. Beat matching is only really a skill that is required for more contemporary styles of music such as House and RnB, otherwise a simple fade mix will do the trick nicely.


Next time you hire a DJ . . .

So there you go, 5 important things to consider when you hire a DJ for your next party or celebration. The best way to find a DJ is when you see them at a party and they tick all these boxes mentioned above. If the opportunity has not yet presented itself however, you could always make an enquiry with us and ask about how our DJs can help you out.


Picture of Author: Paul Anthony

Author: Paul Anthony

Paul is the founder and head professional DJ at Discosource DJs. He has been DJing since 1997 and performed at over 2000 events and still DJs to this very day.


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