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10 Line Dancing Songs That People Either Love or Hate With A Passion

All line dances fill? the dancefloor, but some are better than others. To prove it, we’re going to look at the top ten line dances to complete any party.


A top 70s option, you can guarantee the simple dance for Turner’s Nutbush will go down a treat with an older audience. Its place on many school curriculums even means that youngsters might go mad for this one!



The macarena created a craze in the 90s, and the accompanying line dance is still a favorite. This flourishing dance complete with hip flicks is a nod to flamenco that gets any party popping.


The funky beat of the Cha Cha Slide is impossible to ignore, but the best part of this dance is the fact that the song lyrics tell you what to do! That guarantees no one will feel out of their depth with this one!


The hand-based dance that accompanies The Ketchup Song is easy for even uncoordinated dancers. As long as they know how to wave their hands and get their thumbs out, they’ll be fine!

#5 – STEPS – 5,6,7,8

Now commonly used for workouts, the 5,6,7,8 dance is also a hot dancefloor number. Often used as a workout, this isn’t for the faint of heart, but the relatively simple beat should be easy enough to keep up with.


Another 70s hit with a rolling bass line, The Bus Stop is responsible for ?the electric slide.? As outlandish as that sounds, this step-based line dance can be a relatively gentle way to start the night as you intend to go on.


We could hardly miss out the iconic YMCA dance. This is perhaps the most well-known line dance of all, and it’s an absolute dance floor must. Centered around spelling out the letters of the song title, no one’s been able to sit through this song without getting involved since its late 70s release.


The newest contender on this list, Wash me is the ideal line dance for younger audiences. The repeated lyrics and slow beat make it easy for anyone to get the hang of this one. Just make sure you clear the floor behind you, cause you can bet you’ll end up a lot further back than when you started!


Gangnam Style was THE line dance a few years ago, and it’s still popular. With its unique horse riding gallop and lasso, you can bet everyone will have fun with this one when they night is in full swing


The Rocky Horror show is a cult favorite for all ages, and The Time Warp will ALWAYS get the dancefloor going. Often best left until the end of the night, the arm flourishes and gentle steps on offer make for a fantastic line dance even after a long night on the floor!

Picture of Author: Paul Anthony

Author: Paul Anthony

Paul is the founder and head professional DJ at Discosource DJs. He has been DJing since 1997 and performed at over 2000 events and still DJs to this very day.


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