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3 Essentials to Hire for a 21st Birthday Party!

You’ve been waiting a full 21 years for this moment to come and now it’s finally here ? Your 21st Birthday! Till now you’ve been a teenager flying under the radar scope of life. You’re 21 now ? you are an adult. The numbers alone connote ‘Adulthood’ as each of those two digits ‘Twenty-One’ slips off the edge of your tongue. However let’s not indulge ourselves to much into the semantics of it all, you can yourself analyze layers once you’re done with the partying and not just partying but partying hard! You deserve it!

So let yourself loose and roam around and browse ideas, 21st birthdays are celebrated with great enthusiasm so don’t worry if you get a bit wild. Throwing a party and that to your 21st is definitely a biggie! We thought we’d help you out with a couple of ideas!

A Photo Booth To Capture All The The Crazy Wild Moments

You only turn 21 once and for sure want to immortalize it! A photo booth is popular all over and is your fun thing to do on the side. This is something you definitely need to hire for your 21st birthday! You’re 21 now and all your friends are super excited because you are entering a new phase in your life and can dance the night away. Get a photo booth so you can squeeze in it with your friends to facially express how you’re feeling. We guarantee you’ll love it.

Catering ? Food ? Drinks!


At 21 you are not a kid anymore, and you and your friends will probably want to have a few drinks and a laugh together! Order finger food or get a good mobile caterer but focus mostly on keeping your guests happpy. For your 21st you could also hire a Alcohol Slushy machine to add a cool touch and fun to the celebration.

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A DJ to set the mood

Your best bet is to probably hire a DJ, you’d want one to keep the background going and to set the mood for your rocking 21st, you should select one based on what theme you want or if you just want something casual. Be sure to select some tracks yourself and leave the rest to the DJ to mix and match as the evening goes on and they get kicking. Hire one where you don’t need to worry to much about guiding them, look around for a professional group who will take over your party’s atmosphere for you so you can dance into the night along with your friends.

Picture of Author: Paul Anthony

Author: Paul Anthony

Paul is the founder and head professional DJ at Discosource DJs. He has been DJing since 1997 and performed at over 2000 events and still DJs to this very day.


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