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3 Top Questions to Ask When You Hire a DJ in Australia

There can be so many things that make a memorable party, but one thing all parties need is to hire a good DJ and that’s for sure. The thing is however, with a plethora of DJs for hire in Australia and so many choices you begin wonder what’s the difference between them all. You started your journey to find a good DJ but your not sure what questions you should be asking.

I am going to give you three really good questions to ask when you hire a DJ in Australia.

To name a few things, you will want a DJ that has a big range of music and not just one or two genres, someone with an open attitude and happy to play peoples requests if you want them to, be able to take basic instructions and help the event become successful if there’s any hiccups, someone who can read the crowd and react swiftly to please everyone and preferably someone who’s good on the microphone so they can take control during the speeches and lead things. At every special event, entertainment plays pivotal and important role. When you know a few important things that you should be looking for when you hire a DJ and some good questions to ask then you’ll be able to make the right decision in choosing a DJ that suits your event, someone to entertain your guests, a Professional DJ who takes their job seriously.

People face many hurdles when trying to find a DJ hire for their special events because it’s not something we do every day. Every DJ seems to be offering the same package but the prices can vary from one DJ to another from probably a bit too cheap to really expensive. So what is the difference between them all? So I am going to give you 3 good questions to help you differentiate one DJ from another and this will better equip you to make a good choice.

1. How many years have you been DJing?

So if you are dealing directly with a DJ, or perhaps a DJ company, you want to ask how long has your DJ been a DJ. The reason why is because you want someone experienced or at least if they are relatively new that should also be known to you so you can choose if you want a DJ at that level or someone more advanced with 5 to 25 years as a Professional DJ under their belt. The cost can vary a lot between them, and just being a DJ for many years doesn’t always command a higher price and yet being a lesser experienced DJ doesn’t always mean you will do lesser of a job. I started DJing when I was 16 years old and I thought I was pretty good back then, and so did my customers. So take it with a grain of salt but it’s good to know.

All of the DJ profiles on our website show the year that the DJ began DJing and an approximate amount of private events they have done in their DJ career, so you can make a proper informed decision about who you are getting for your DJ.

2. Can I see what your DJ setup (at an event) looks like?

This is a simple question so it should get a simple answer. However if you look at many DJ websites sometimes it’s hard to even find a photo of their equipment at an event or what a standard setup looks like. So if they are an established business in any way they should at least have some semi professional photos of their equipment setup at some events. A DJ needs to have an impressive setup, sound quality is very important of course, but presentation is equally important in this day when DJs have many affordable options of making their DJ setups look neat and professional, and create atmosphere when the lights go down.

Here are some of our DJs setups setup at events such as birthdays and weddings. See more on the DJ profiles.

3. Do you carry a full range of music from the 50s to the 90s and today’s latest music?

I recently spoke to a boat cruise company who said they hired a DJ to go on their boat and work every night for 3 weeks playing music to Aussie couples and families. He didn’t have any classic hits from the past, he was one of those “one genre” DJs that only sticks to one style of music. Now if they only have one style of music this could mean one of two things, they normally works in clubs where they are only required to play one style (Hip Hop, House, Top 40) or they are bedroom DJs and they only really play the music they love at home in their bedrooms. You don’t want either one of these two, what you want is a DJ who has experience at a range of events from Birthdays and Weddings to Corporate Functions and even Kids Parties, someone with music for young and old. You want an all rounder DJ who has the flexibility to put on an old Michael Jackson song or something from the Bee Gees if that’s what’s needed to kick start the dance floor, and has a lot more versatility.

All of our DJs are required to carry a huge range of music covering the classics and today’s music. Some of our DJs specialise in one or two of their favourites styles but we are all Professional DJs who come to your event fully equipped and with a full range of music, ready to get your party started.

The Best And Easiest Way To Hire A DJ in Australia

So when you want to hire a DJ, we stand tall among others as one of Australia’s largest DJ hire agencies with over 20 years experience and providing a consistent service. The commitment shown by our DJs to help you create the right atmosphere for your events, and play to your preferred music selection selection all night long is our duty to you. All these are what you enjoy and get when you hire a DJ from us by booking for your next event.

We offer you the biggest variety of DJs across Australia DJ as wedding DJ or event and party DJ service. All these we do with great and effective capacity to reach any part of Australia and give you the the party music you deserve. Our nationwide DJs agency has professional disc jockeys in over nine major cities in the Australia for hire with any types of events including Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane, and now even Thailand.

Picture of Author: Paul Anthony

Author: Paul Anthony

Paul is the founder and head professional DJ at Discosource DJs. He has been DJing since 1997 and performed at over 2000 events and still DJs to this very day.


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