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Cheap Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne With A Difference

Cheap Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne With A Difference

If you’re looking for cheap photo booth hire in Melbourne you’ve might have come to the right place. Why do we say might? Well it depends on what you define as “cheap“. Do you mean you want cheap quality or you only want the cheap price tag? If you want the latter then read on. Rates for photo booth services in Melbourne can vary a lot and it really depends on your budget, but despite that there are good alternatives to the complete traditional photo booth style (which are big, heavy and costly) and yet have a reasonable price that is cheap but with a decent quality and fantastic end result.


We are primarily a DJ service however we’ve teamed up with affordable photo booth hire suppliers in Melbourne and can offer great rates and even more savings if you book a DJ and photo booth package together. So have a browse through the Photobooth gallery, pick the style you like and complete the enquiry form at the button below and let us know the photo booth style you choose. We even have a range of different types of budget options from open air photo booths with props, real time printing and more to more high end mirror booths.

Picture of Author: Paul Anthony

Author: Paul Anthony

Paul is the founder and head professional DJ at Discosource DJs. He has been DJing since 1997 and performed at over 2000 events and still DJs to this very day.


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aDiscosource DJs was founded by DJ Paul Anthony in 1997 at the ripe age of 16 years. With a childhood filled with learning instruments from piano to trumpet, bass and guitar, becoming a DJ was the next natural progression for his musical career. Since then, he has built a successful Australia wide DJ agency and still carries his passion forward to this day.